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Create New Digital Media- Archaeological Analytics will preserve your collections using one of three digital formats: image, video content or 3D modeling. Upload files to a collection management software (CMS) or digital asset management system (DAMS) of your choice or publish as social media content.


Digital Media on CMS/DAMS- Archaeological Analytics can improve web-based, CMS/DAMS performance by optimizing nomenclature for general search engine queries. We also offer lexiconic categories with deeper analytic diagnostics.


Digital Media not on a CMS/DAMS- Archaeological Analytics supports publish collections on social media under our platform, American Artifacts Blog. The platform automatically aggregates artifact-related posts, cite and republish it to over 10,000 viewers across six social platforms.


Digital Media For Reproduction- Archaeological Analytics acts as licensing partner for digitized portraits through our platform, Open Artifact. Open Artifact supports all creative common attributions , royalty free media as well as restrict/exclusive licenses.

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