Archaeological Analytics creates professionally-written content for North American material culture collections. Our work is heavily based in artifact typologies, collections management, web analytics and public outreach.

As we continue to build our digital resources, we are looking for students who can collect, organize and report on any of the following:

Material Culture

Object Diagnostics 

Manufacturing Histories

Scholarly Articles

Data Analysis

Data Mining

Google Analytics

Data Visualization

Digital Media

Content Aggregation

Content Management

Blog Writing

Preference is given to applicants with strong research / writing skills, light data entry and the ability to work independently. 

Work Remotely

Archaeological Analytics welcomes applicants from any U.S. state or Canadian province. We fully embrace the use of social media, instant messaging and cloud sharing as forms of communication. Prior to applying, please be sure that you have a reliable internet connection, experience with web-based apps and borrowing privileges at your local research library.

Additional Details

This an UNPAID internship. Applicants accepted into the program are required to schedule an hour-long orientation, followed by weekly one-on-one progress meetings.  Those who successfully complete the program will be given authorship for their contributions and / or class credit.

Applications Accepted on a Rolling Basis

or send resumes to with "INTERNSHIP" in the subject heading