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Archaeological Analytics is a for-profit company with a mission.

The world is digital, but cultural heritage is stuck in the past. Since our launch in 2016, our goal is to bring all material culture and those who preserve it into the digital space and show that the web and social media is a tool, not a hindrance.

Our focus is three-fold:

  • Promote the richness and variety of U.S. and Canadian material culture to the world

  • Create free analytic resources to search, identify and network about material culture

  • Offer practical solutions for cultural institutions to digitally publish and socially promote artifact collections

Archaeological Analytics Founder: Acacia Berry 


In order to understand the past, you have to interact with it. This has been the inspiration behind 15 years of creative and analytical work with artifact collections at the American Museum of Natural History, NYC's Landmark's Preservation Commission and other contracted work. 

We are now in a world where interacting with objects can move beyond museum storage and onto laptops and smartphones around the world. More people use the web and social media to search for artifact-related topics than ever before and it is my goal to make that information accessible to all.

Archaeological Analytics was created to support digital preservation and redefine professional-written content as an authoritative web resource. Use our platforms to explore  material culture from institutions across the country, in every digital format, on every digital platform.

- Acacia Berry